Lingerie from Ex

Lingerie from Ex

Help! What Should I Do With Lingerie From My Ex?
Break-ups are often long, painful processes, especially for those who’ve been together for years, and often things that remind us of our ex will quickly bring back all of the pain and negative feelings, sometimes even months. This is why many women quickly look to rid their homes of these things from the time you were still together.

However, one question that frequently comes up is women wanting to know what they should do with the lingerie they bought during their past relationship, as many of us are hesitant to throw our best bras and panties away just because they were bought for a different man. Still, the answer to that question can be tricky, after all, there’s no point in keeping those items if wearing them only brings back bad memories.

The real key lies in your feelings, as if you feel like you couldn’t stand throwing those expensive lingerie items away, then you definitely shouldn’t have to. At the end of the day, lingerie is supposed to make you, the woman, feel sexy, and if any of that sexy lingerie from your ex still does the trick, then by all means hold on to it.

This is especially true if it’s sexy lingerie that you paid for yourself. Just because you bought it to show off for a different man that you’re no longer with doesn’t mean that you and your new man can’t still get enjoyment out of it.

Of course, if it was something that your ex gave you as a gift, some women may feel a bit weird about wearing it for their new partner. If this is the case, throw it out or donate it to someone else, as you don’t want to be reminded of your ex every time you’re with your new man.

At the end of the day, what you do with the sexy lingerie from your past relationships comes down to your own feelings on the subject. Even if your ex gave it to you, it is now yours and you’re free to do with it what you will. So if you still feel sexy and confident these items, there’s definitely no reason to just toss them out because you feel it’s inappropriate or weird.

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