Lingerie Care Tips

Lingerie Care Tips

Tips to Keep Your Sexy Lingerie Items Looking Their Best
Pretty much all women lovenorth face uk wearing sexy lingerie, whether it’s a simple cotton north face uk bra and panty set or something a bit racier. Still, as we all know, those pieces of sexy lingerie can be expensive, which is why it’s so important to give them the care and attention they deserve so the north face uk that you can keep your favorite sexy underthings for years to come.

Hand Wash, Hand Wash, Hand Wash
When it comes to washing your underwear, whether it’s plus size lingerie or the tiniest little thong panties imaginable, you should always, always, always follow the instructions listed on the tag, as this will tell you exactly how to take care of them so that they stay in shape and looking their best.the north face outlet  However, even better still is to hand wash all of your lingerie, no matter what it says on the label, as hand washing will allow them to last much longer.

To hand wash your lingerie, fill up your sink with slightly warm water, then add a small amount of a mild, alcohol free detergent. Then you can add your lingerie to the soapy water and leave them to soak for around half an hour, making sure to wash dark and light colors separately. After soaking, rub the fabric together cheap north face jackets and then rinse them thoroughly in cool water, making sure to keep rinsing until the water that runs off is entirely clear. Finally, press each item between two towels to soak up any excess water, and then always hang to dry.

If you must wash your louis vuitton outlet uk lingerie in a machine, make sure that you at least never put your bras into the dryer, as this will quickly cause them to lose their elasticity and become loose and not offer proper support. You should also make sure to reshape the cups on your bras after each washing, as they will quickly become misshapen if you forget to do so before they dry.

Keep Your Underwear Drawer Organized
Many women make the mistake of tossing all of their underwear into the same drawer after it’s been louis vuitton bags  cleaned, when you should really be separating not just the sexy lingerie from the everyday items, but also bras from panties, and even different bra types from each other. This is especially  louis vuitton outlet  important with any bras that have molded cups or are padded, as they can bend or go out of shape if not stored louis vuitton bags uk

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