Giving Your Bigger Breasts the Support They Need

Giving Your Bigger Breasts the Support They Need

Giving Your Bigger Breasts the Support They Need
For those ladies who have the blessing (or some would say curse) of having large breasts, you’re probably aware that it takes a lot more time and thought to find the right plus size bra than it does for less well-endowed women. Nonetheless, there are a few tips that should help the bustier women amongst us to find the perfect bra, regardless of whether you’re a C cup or a K.

Pay Attention to the Straps
As any woman with large breasts surely knows, having a bra with poor straps can result in pain, while still offering little in terms of support. For this reason, it’s important to look for plus size bras that have wider straps, as these will dig in much less. It’s also important that the strap be fully sewn into the rest of the bra, instead of simply stitched into place once or twice, as this will provide more support by evenly distributing the weight across the entire bra, instead of those one or two focal points having to bear the brunt of your breasts.

Seams Are Your Friend
For some reason, most bra manufacturers started moving away from using seams, which may make sense for women with smaller breasts who want a more smooth and seamless look, but simply doesn’t work for bustier women. So when looking for plus size bras, you should really go with something with sturdy seams, as they will provide much more support and also give you a nicer overall shape and eliminate the problem of spilling out of those tight, seamless bras. Plus, there are so many different styles of seamed bras out there now that you can literally get any look you desire, from a cool vintage, pin-up girl style to something that looks entirely natural—all while providing the support your big bosoms need.

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